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Our clinic was created to make your smile beautiful, healthy and snow-white. We offer a wide range of dental treatment and dental restoration services. We have gathered only qualified specialists with extensive experience in the dental field. We will help you with any problem!
Primary remote diagnostics
Primary remote diagnostics
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The sequence of work


Initial consultation
We will contact you within 10 minutes after you submit your application. Then you can come to our clinic for a free consultation.


Dental treatment
After the dentist’s examination, you will be assigned treatment on a specific date and time. We employ qualified specialists.


Issuing a guarantee
After the treatment, we will definitely issue you a warranty card, and if something happens, we will restore your teeth for free.
Get a free checkup from dentist
You will be able to get an examination from leading specialists.
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A wide range of services

Dentist consultation
Dental implants
from $1450
Teeth whitening
from $970
Tooth Extractions
from $590
Crowns & Bridges
from $1060
Root canals
from $1280
from $2500
Cosmetic Dentistry
from $1130
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20% off Whitening and restoration of teeth

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Advantages of our clinics

Quality Care Starts With Quality Dentists

Our commitment to providing patients with the highest quality dental care starts with the dentists in each of our clinics. Our licensed and board certified dentists come from the most recognized dental colleges in the country.

Our continued training ensures we offer our patients the most up-to-date treatments using state-of-the-art equipment and materials.

Our dentists focus solely on quality patient care, serving more than 200,000 families each year. We provide our dentists with highly qualified registered dental assistants, as well as office staff that provide administrative services.

We have dentists from all fields of dentistry. Our detailed selection methods ensure that you get the best skills and expertise available. We typically select one out of a hundred dentists that we review so that you are in the best hands always.

10 yrs.

Minimum experience

92 %

Recommend clinic

Awards & Recognition

Over the years, “Care Dental Clinic” has become a synonym for the “Best Dental Treatment” in Bangalore.

11,5 k

Cured patients' teeth


Types of services

Dental excellence. Compassionate care.

Eco-friendly practice

Along with taking great pride in serving the dental needs of our local community, we also want to make sure that our ecological footprint is minimum. We are an environmentally friendly clinic and implement paperless, digitized formats across all forms of dental information and communication.

Committed and dedicated team of doctors and specialists

Our team of doctors, led by Dr. Shanmukh, is knowledgeable and specialised in their respective branches of dentistry. Perfecting smiles is our passion and we work hard to ensure that every patient walks out with a bright and healthy smile!

Advanced high-end equipment and dental radiology

We use only the best of the best in equipment and technology that is available in dentistry. We have in-house individual tooth (IOPA) and full mouth (OPG) dental x-rays.

International Sterilization Protocols.

Our sterilization is regularly monitored for quality assurance in accordance with CDC, ADA and OSHA. We leave no stone unturned!

11,5 k

Cured patients' teeth


Types of services

Painless Dentistry

we practice painless dentistry with the help of efficient anesthetics. Most of the notorious procedures like root canals, extractions and implants are totally painless here. We extend a warm welcome to all patients who postpone visiting the dentist for the fear of pain.

Track Record

Since the inception have an impressive track record of high quality results. Our client’s satisfaction is the main goal for us. Till date, we have successfully treated over 10000 patients with the philosophy of achieving perfection through high quality work, modern technology and attention to detail. Check the testimonial section for proof.

Long lasting results

we provide you with long term solutions for all your dental problems. We plan your treatment to give you results that last for a very long time .We also motivate you to maintain the teeth better. It is possible only because of our through analysis and explicit adherence to the treatment protocol.


What are the care dental protocol include?

Individual Protocol
Instrument Protocol

Step 1:Instruments are first soaked in a disinfectant solution for 30 minutes.

Step 2: Next, the instruments are scrubbed and cleaned to remove contaminants using a medical grade cleaning solution.

Step 3: Ultrasonic cleaning is done for 140 seconds, for even more thorough decontamination.

Step 4: Drying of instruments following by packing in individual autoclavable pouches

Step 4: Instruments are they placed in our imported top-tier B Class Melag Autoclave which is best in the industry

Step 4: Sterilized instruments are stored in pouched to prevent re-contamination

We use Latest technology and tools

At Care Dental Clinic, we prioritise the use of the best dental technology available in order to provide our patients with a superior dental experience and predictable outcomes. Incorporation of high end digital dentistry allows us to better examine and evaluate oral health and derive more accurate treatment plans, all while ensuring maximum patient comfort. This also helps our patients have a better understanding of their dental health and the treatment options and procedures.

10 yrs.

Minimum experience

92 %

Recommend clinic

Our employees

Our leading dentists

We have gathered only qualified specialists with extensive experience in the dental field. We will help you with any problem!
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Corrective Orthodontic Appliances

Some orthodontic options protect your teeth from damage or prepare your mouth for the next step in treatment. Orthodontic appliances can correct alignment issues and protect against damage, like guards to prevent thumb sucking, athletic mouth guards, and palate expanders

Metal or Gold Crowns

Metal crowns are a great option for out-of-site molars because they are quite strong and they rarely break. Metal and gold crowns can withstand demanding chewing. They cause less wear and tear to your teeth than other types of crowns. Another benefit of this type of crown is that less of your existing tooth needs to be removed before placement. However, metal alloys or gold crowns do not look like your natural teeth.


  • They are strong and highly resistant
  • They last a long time if properly cared for
  • Less proportion of your natural tooth needs to be removed
  • They wear down quite slowly, just like natural enamel
  • They are ideal for posterior restorations (back teeth), especially second molars


  • Poor aesthetics: They obviously don’t look like a natural tooth
  • Gold alloy crowns can affect some people and produce some side effects such as allergic reactions or swelling