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Dental Bonding

Dental Bonding also know as cosmetic bonding is another commonly used method by a cosmetic dentist for smile makeover in India.

Tooth color composite material are directly bonded on to the teeth. This is usually done to replace old discoloured fillings or fill in cracks or repair chipped teeth.

In some cases these cosmetic material are also use to fill in gaps, or to create a more aesthetic shape and contour of the tooth. This procedure is commonly know as composite veneers.

Gum / Gingival Re Contouring

Often patients have can have an excess of gum growth over a tooth which can make a tooth appear smaller. So when they smile , the gums show which is known as a gummy smile. Or at times the level of the gums is not symmetrical. This may also hamper your smile.

Gum re contouring can solve this problem and help in the smile makeover.

At Care dental clinic we use the latest laser technology for gum re contouring so there is minimum discomfort, no bleeding and faster healing as well.

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