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Just like bridges across rivers, dental bridges connect one side to the other. However, with teeth, a bridge connects two teeth over a missing one. The procedure is simpler than you may think.

At Care Dental Clinic, you may receive a dental bridge after tooth extraction. It serves multiple purposes, including maintaining the position of your remaining teeth.

A dental bridge consists of crowns and an artificial tooth or teeth in between. The process takes more than one visit to complete. During your initial visit, our dentist preps the teeth on the left and right side of your gap. Then, our dental practitioner creates an image or impression of the area. The information goes to a laboratory where technicians create the bridge. Lastly, our dentist places a temporary bridge until your next visit.

You come into our clinic during your follow-up appointment, and our dentist places the permanent bridge in position. Then, our dentist cements it in place. Once cemented, you can’t take the bridge out. Only a dentist can remove a permanent bridge. A dentist is able to use dental implants to support the bridge as well.

Types of bridges we offer

Traditional or Cantilever dental bridge
Maryland dental bridge
Implant-supported dental bridge

Benefits of Dental bridges

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Answers to questions

Can I take my dental bridge out during the day?

No, a dental bridge is called a “fixed” dental prosthetic. This means that it remains in place all day and all night – we bond the device to your teeth. If you are looking for a removable option, you may wish to consider dentures.

How long will my bridge last?

Your bridge may last up to 10 to 15 years or even longer. We cannot predict exactly how long each bridge will last, but they are built for long-term wear.

How Many Appointments are Required to Get a Dental Bridge?

The first visit involves a consultation with our dentist to determine whether a bridge is a good treatment choice for you.  This process will involve taking X-rays to determine tooth and bone health.  In addition, it is important that your gum health and overall health are in good condition to ensure an optimal outcome.  After a treatment plan is made, the process of getting a bridge takes two visits.  In the first visit, the teeth are recontoured and shaved, and a shade for the bridge is selected.  An impression is taken and sent to the lab.  A temporary bridge is made and cemented.  At the second visit (usually two weeks later), the temporary bridge is removed and the permanent bridge is cemented in.

How Do I Look After My Dental Bridge?

Bridges do not require a lot of additional care over and above good brushing and flossing.  The most difficult part of maintaining a bridge is to adapt floss underneath the ‘false’ tooth in order to keep that area clean.  our dentist and our dental hygienist will assist you with this.


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